Has Anyone Ever Taken Super Q Caps Before A Drug Test? Do These Caps Even Work?


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James Parnell answered
Although they are by no means a fool-proof way of passing a drug test, some people have reported that Super Quick Caps have helped them pass a drug test.

The caps are a mixture of protein, creatine, vitamin B and natural herbs - which force you to urinate excessively urinate, helping flush toxins out of your system.

Super Q Caps drug test
  • The tablets are designed to be taken a day prior to when you want your urine to be clean - and they should start to work in under forty five minutes.
  • The capsules cause frequent urination, which should lower the level of toxins in the body for anything up to five hours after ingestion.
  • To obtain the best cleansing effects of Super Q capsules, then drink as much water as possible and do not take other medications, drink alcohol or smoke cigarrettes.
  • It should also be noted that it would not be advisable to eat a large meal before using a Super Q capsule as this can reduce its cleansing abilities.
  • Do not take this product if you are breast feeding or pregnant, or have any form of kidney or gallbladder disorder.
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Zzayla Grimm answered
How often do you smoke? I've never taken Q caps but I used to smoke weed.

Everybody says the vinegar thing is a myth, but I've always done that before a test and passed every single time.

If you don't take the Q caps, you can always take two shots of vinegar white or apple cider the day before.

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