Has Anyone Ever Used Re-new Complete Detoxifying Liquid To Pass A Probation Drug Test?


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barbara polson Profile
barbara polson answered
YES! My son had to take a drug test for his job,he bought re-new detoxing liquid 16 oz drink.He was smoking pot everyday and taking hydrocodone.He passed!  He says he drink the 16 oz drink then filled the bottle up with water and drink that.The lady there told us it covered up any drug.She said to wait at least 6 hours to take the drug test.He waited over 24 hours and still passed.That was over a year ago but he trust this drink enough to tell others about it and they passed thier test.Now something came up for me to have to be tested,so my son knowing how very important it is for  me to have a clean drug test,went to GNC and got me a bottle of the drink called re-new detoxing liquid.
Brenda Russell Profile
Brenda Russell answered
No I have not but why not just stop using drugs. If you have a prescription for them you don't have to worry anyway.

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