How Long Do Urine Test Results For Probation Take To Come Back?


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Typically urine samples have a turn-around time of twenty four hours. This means the testing on the sample should be completed - and the result of the test should be known - within this time frame.

Most probation officers will not notify you straight after they have received the results, however - as there are normally other administrative procedures which have to be carried out.

Usually a probation officer will give tell you the result about three to five working days after you have taken the test.

How long does urine test results get to your PO
  • Urine testing is the most common form of drug testing that is used these days. This is because it's cost effective, cheaper than the alternatives and is very accurate.
  • Urine testing can detect some substances in urine for up to one month. However, this type of screening can normally only be considered accurate within a week of the substance being taken, on average.
  • If a probation officer needs to check drug use over a longer period of time, then they will use a hair follicle test. This method of testing can detect drug use for anything up to three months after an illegal substance was used.
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About a week. If you know you are going to have a dirty urine, call your p.o. & let them know before the results come back. I been through this and they would rather hear it from you than find out through the results.

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