I Took 4 Hits Of Weed And Took Drug Test One Week Later. Am I Safe?


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You will probably be clean. Weed is out in 3-10 days with 1 time use.
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Deborah Wacker answered
As long as your not a frequent user of marijuana you should be ok. However if you have been smoking before, it will take up to 30 days to clear you system.
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If its your first or second time getting baked, you will be straight.
Just make sure to be safe you drink mad water, trust me ALL my friends
smoke, and we all get tested I know!
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Arthur Wright answered
Probably not but only if thats what theyre looking for
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No because weed stays in your body for 30 days....
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Dont let these guys that dont know what there talking about as far as 30 days. If you dont smoke often at all you will be fine!

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