I smoked weed Friday at 11:30 pm and I Just took a drug test on Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Am I going to pass it? I'm not a regular smoker it was a one time thing 


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You're right on the edge of detection. For an occasional user or first time user, THC can be detected for 1-4 days, depending on your body fat and your activities as well as your diet.

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It depends on a few factors. How often you smoke, and how much fat you have in body cane be factors. If that is the only time you smoked, you might squeak by. If you smoke fairly regularly, nope.

Smoked marijuana diffuses into the bloodstream in a matter of seconds, but if ingested orally the absorption will take longer. Once it reaches the blood, it is metabolized rapidly into inert molecules (metabolites: THC). The metabolites can remain in the body for around three to seven days after intake. The terminal half-life of this compound ranges from twenty hours to ten days, depending on the potency and amount of the drug used. Therefore, if you take in around 1 mg of TCH with a half-life of 20 hours, your body will still have 0.031 mg of THC even after four days. The more potent the marijuana used and the more frequent a person uses it, would increase the time the drug is removed from your system. If smoked regularly, the THC lingers in the system for as long as 45 to 90 days. And since the metabolites of marijuana are fat-soluble, it is stored in the major organs in the body wherever fat cells can be found:  Brain, kidneys, and the liver. Hence, the more fats cells a person has, the longer it will take for THC to be removed from the system.

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No, you will be exposed.

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