Can I Take Tramadol With Celebrex ?


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Before taking any medication, especially if you are planning on mixing, it is crucial to ask the advice of a medical professional such as a doctor or pharmacist.

It is suggested that taking Tramadol with Celebrex can have some negative effects, so you should certainly book an appointment with your doctor or head down to a trusted pharmacy to seek their advice. They will be able to assess what condition you are in and if you will have any adverse effects in taking both.

With any medication it is also a good idea to read the instructions and guidelines on the box thoroughly. It is important to know the exact dosage you are prescribed to take and what time of day is best to take it at.

The majority of medication you will find has a list of associated side-effects included. Although this can sometimes only be included for legal reasons and the side-effects are rare, it is best to be fully aware of any possible outcomes of taking the medication. You must deduce if the medication is worth taking if it potentially puts you at risk of serious side-effects - again, a doctor's advice is the best way forward.

Medication can also be very addictive and so you need to be sure you are taking the right dosage and do not get tempted into increasing it or being on it for longer than recommended.

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