Does Zanaflex Show Up In A Drug Test?


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It really depends what the test is for, if they are testing specifically for Zanaflex then yes it probably will. This would only come about if the urine test was for tricyclics which is a certain class of anti-depressant and muscle relaxant. Since Zanaflex is a prescription medicine anyway, you just need to get some proof from your doctor
or chemist to say that you were prescribed the pills and in that instance there should be no issue with it. There are various forms of Zanaflex Capsules (which are a branded medicine containing the active ingredient of the drug tizanidine hydrochloride) available. They come in various doses, from 2 to 6mg and may contain inactive ingredients such as silicon dioxide, gelatin, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and anhydrous lactose. Tizanidine HCI in its pure form is a fine powder, white or near white in color with no or very faint smell and is slightly soluble in water. Side effects from Tizanidine can occur in the event of an allergic reaction and it is wise to contact a doctor or emergency room if you feel light headed, become confused or suffer hallucinations or have nausea, loss of appetite or clay-colored stools among other signs.

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