How Long Does Codeine Stay In Your System For Drug Test?


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How long any drug stays in your system will vary depending on your tolerance, physiology and health. However the detection period for Codeine is around one to four days. Besides your weight, height, fat percentage and other physical factors that can affect the length of time a drug will stay in your system psychological factors can also alter how long Codeine will be detectable. Stress or an aggravated state of mind could also alter the timeline.
You should also keep in mind that frequency of use as well as dosage may increase how long evidence of the drug will remain in your fluids. In the end the basic rule is the more body you have, and the less Codeine taken the quicker it can leave your system. If you are a smaller person in poor health who has been taking a high dose for a long time then four days might not even be enough to clear your system completely, in that case it may be best to anticipate a week or longer.
Four days should be sufficient to ensure Codeine will no longer be detectable in a drug test. To maximise your chances, healthy eating as well as good hydration should speed up the purging of the narcotic from your body, as well as regular exercise and attempting to remain in a positive sense of mind. In the end the length and strength of use will determine how able anyone is at doing any of this and someone who has had a high dose for an extended period of time may expect a longer detection period.
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About 7 days

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