How Long Does Salvia Stay In Your System?


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Salvia does not stay in ones system for more than 24 hours and is not detectable in a drug test. States in the U.S. Do outlaw it so obey all laws based on where you live. Salvia is a special plant because it contains something called salvinorin-A which is highly psychoactive at a dose of less than 1 milligram.
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Since there is no known standardized test (e.g. Urine, hair, saliva) that looks for Salvinorin A usage, there is no way to really tell. Salvinorin A is such a relatively new substance that the scientific community knows very little about its long term effects. So far, short term effects seem to be non-threatening to the well-being and health of the human body, save for the danger associated with smoke inhalation (the primary method of Salvinorin ingestion). However, we may or may not find negative long term effects as more and more medical/scientific information is brought to light
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Salvia -when you take 2-4 hits and depending on the intensity of it ("20x-40x") you feel the strong psychosis for about 15 minutes. Then you still feel high for a few hours. Depending on the type of trip you had, it will be instilled in your memory and physical particles can still be with you for many months. Salvia is like life- different for everyone. Typically,  if you try smoking marijuana a month or a few months later, its possible that you will feel it was not marijuana- salvia came back to your present experience. It is quite dangerous...seemingly harmless they say but as many people do not want to hear-this drug is harmful. There is no positive effect on health whatsoever to my knowing (whereas marijuana- can have a positive effect in small doses). If you would like to detox from anything stimulate the body to do so by drinking plenty of liquids as soon as you can (specifically water), get excersise going and take hot showers
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Herbologists also have certain herbs that stimulate liver functioning if there are drugs or other toxins in the body. One chinese plant in particular is called ji hua.
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Do you mean how long the experience lasts? It varies depending on strength, dosage and method of taking. The erowid site is a very good one to get info like that.

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