How Long Do Steroids Stay In Your Urine?


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Steroids can be detected within urine for approximately two weeks after they were last used.

This figure is only an estimate, as the amount of time within which steroids can be detected will vary upon physical factors such as an individual's weight, gender and age.

The amount of the drug that has been taken and the person's metabolic rate will also have an effect.

How long does steroids stay in your urine?
  • Modern urine tests are very accurate and are commonly used because of their cost-effectiveness. In the case of steroids, these should be detectable for about two weeks after they were taken.
  • If a blood test is used to look for the presence of steroids, then this method of testing should only be able to find them for twenty-four hours after they were taken.
  • Hair follicle testing is used when a longer term drug history is needed. Using hair follicle testing, technicians can detect steroids for anything up to three months after they were last taken.
  • The chemicals present in steroids travel within the blood and then bind to the hair follicles. It will take the body about three months for it to naturally rid itself of these traces in the follicles. This figure is true of most substances.
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Steroids stay in the system for 2-4 weeks.
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The longer you have been using steroids the quicker your body metabolizes them. Depending on the type, common types like sus, decca or omnedran, it's usually between 4 - 6 week of the final dose. But just to be safe I would give it an extra few weeks. Steroids can be detected in the blood up to 18 months after use and hair follicle tests are just as effective.

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