Can You Fail A Drug Test If You Were In The Same Room With Someone That Was Smoking Pot?


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No. Blood tests will not be effected by second hand marijuana smoke; however, other blood tests (such as hair follicle) may show marijuana in your system. This is because hair follicle tests never go back to normal (at least not for a while) even after quitting the drug, which makes you more susceptible to being contaminated.
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Usually not most drug tests have a cut off of 50 ng but some are set at 15 ng if someone blows you a nose hit you could exceed 15 ng or if the room is really small
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No, you should be ok. You may want to think about being around someone who smokes pot or does drugs.
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No, you can't fail a blood test due to contact smoke. You don't inhale enough second hand for it to be in your bloodstream.
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You would have to inhale a lot of smoke almost like taking a shotgun before it will show up in your system. Some say it isn't possible period, but I had it happen before. I was really close to it and inhaled a lot of it. Hope this helped.

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