How Long After Smoking Pot Do I Have To Wait To Take A Drug Test?


3 Answers

MzKisha Bush Profile
MzKisha Bush answered
I would say she is right..Me personally I was a regular all day and all night 24 hours a day. No shame in admitting it because I'm not anymore, but when I had to take a drug test I would go for at least a week and not smoke at all and drink water all day and night. No sodas or sugar cause it makes it stay in the system longer. It always work for me. 7 straight days of water and no smoking or sugar products I was good..Just from my experience..
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Nikia Clarke answered
MzKiesha how much do weigh if you don't mind me asking,because I do not believe anyone smokes as much as me and I would not take a chance after smoking the way I do and take a test only one week know I want to put that to the test,drug test are sold over the counter in the pharmacy and I will test your theory..hope you don't mind if I get back withe the stats.

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