What Kind Of Drug Test Do CPS Use In Texas?


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The CPS (child protective services) department in Texas can use as many different drug tests they deem necessary.

They will use more thorough testing on parents who have a history of abusive and illegal substance use.

CPS drug test in Texas
There are five methods of drug testing available to the CPS. These are:

  • Urine - This is the most cost-effective and common method of drug testing. For this method, an urine sample is required, which will then by monitored in a laboratory for any traces of drug use.
  • Saliva - A mouth swab test is also used sometimes, usually if further tests have to be carried out after an urine screening.
  • Blood - Blood testing is used because of its reliability. The only negative point of blood testing is that is more expensive than other forms of screening.
  • Hair - Hair testing is used to determine if abusive drugs have been taken up to six months before the test. This type of screening is only used for long-term drug abusers.
  • EEG - In extreme cases an EEG may be carried out, although this is very rare. EEG tests are rather expensive, although they are extremely reliable.
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Actually all of the above are correct. If you are in their office, they will mouth swab initially, and after that they do random urine and hair follicle tests.

I know this because I've been dealing with CPS in the state of Texas for the past year. The only way to get around these tests is to stay clean!!
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Ten panel urine screen.
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Mouth swabs.

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