What Do You Know About The Hair Follicle Drug Testing?


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It is the great technique to find out whether any person has used drugs in the last three moths. It uses the technique by asking different questions from the users who use drugs to discover that the person has used any drugs. This is very simple test it requires a sample of hair of the person who is suspected in drug use. It is good technique and helps the parent to know whether their children are using any drugs. Samples of hair can be collected and you can get them examined in any hair test laboratory. This test is very reliable and fast as compared with the other test. The logic behind this test is that if a person use drugs then the chemical of those drugs are stick with the hair. So when the chemicals are found in your fair and these chemical relates to any drugs then it is confirmed that you have used a certain chemicals.

So this is the modern technology and it is still in use in the modern countries where the use of drug test is strictly prohibited. Many companies are providing their services for the Follicle drug testing against charging a minor amount.
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Wash your hair with 'clarifying' shampoo. Then buy some hair dye which lightens your hair a bit at the local pharmacy and apply that. Then use a shampoo for color treated hair.

The dye strips the hair's cuticle where the drugs are stored. It's not full proof but generally, you'll be fine. Continue dying your hair, gradually returning it to your natural color. But the best advice is to not do illegal drugs for many, many reasons.

If they really are testing the follicle - which is below the scalp, I don't think this will work. But generally they take a one inch sample from the end of your hair. They can use the hair on your arms etc. But generally don't because it will not be at least an inch long.

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