How Do I Pass A Drug Test A.s.a.p.?


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Allot relies on your height,weight,physical activity,eating habits, type of test (are they provides LAB-GC/MS or adulterant test confirmation?) but generally
- If you're going to try and get clean
Exercising a lot but stop 2-3 days before the test so you aren't still breaking down fat and releasing stored THC.
Eat a high fiber diet ( makes the metabolites cling to the fiber and send it out).
Daily multi vitamin/ vitamin b-12 ( no not niacin but b-12) helps add creatine to the body if you must dilute.Stay very good hydrated.
-get a clean friend’s urine or buy a synthetic
You will need to be able to get the sample into the testing room and have to keep the sample between 91 to 97 degrees.
Also you will need to know everything that your friend has consumed last 48 hours and possibly the last month or longer.If you get caught, you will automatically fail.
is no absolutely 100% effective method (many don't work or you may fail the adulteration test because of this).
Pickup a couple "single panel thc test kit" (wallgreens / CVS) and test yourself after using some system/detox make sure it is work for you.I use a one company for my tests - website They help with a phone consultations (#1 252 489 4754) also.
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Yes, it's called agent-x. It's synthetic urine that you can buy in a head shop.  You just heat it up with a hand-warmer to the desired temperature, "there's temp strip on the bottle".  And pour it into the cup when you go and take the test.  Make sure you conceal it good b/c they make you empty your pockets and sometimes they check..  Any how it works and its a lot better than flushing your system out with something and just hoping..  I've used several no times and no issues.
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It is impossible to predict what the result of a drug test will be because you are the only person who knows what you have used. If there is a drug trace in your blood you would need to abstain from use for quite a long period before it gave a negative test.
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The obvious answer is DON'T DO DRUGS! You people that do things that you know are illegal or can cost you your job or can kill or damage your own body, can ruin relationships and end any chance of improving your life or end up causing a jail sentence amaze me. You knowingly took drugs into your body then you come on here asking the law abiding, non-drug users to help you scam your way out of a drug test. I would suggest for your own good and for the good of those that do care about you that you get yourself into a drug rehab program. I have seen what drugs do to a person and to the family that cares about the drug user. At this point in time you may be thinking you can handle the drug use and it is not a real problem for you. That is obviously not the case because you are asking complete strangers to help you cheat or lie your way out of a drug test. The drugs are taking over your life. Soon they will be the most important thing in your life. End it now. Get some help before this drug usage takes over completely and simply destroys everything you should hold dear and close to your heart. I will not assist you with your quest to outsmart the drug test. If you fail, perhaps you will seek the help you so obviously need. Get smart and get clean.

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