How Do You Pass A Drug Test Without Quitting Drugs?


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All over the counter remedies to help you pass drug tests are designed for you to spend money. These companies make money on your self-indulgence. Since you don't want to quit drugs companies know that you will pay a fair amount to give their product a try.

I sold a remedy for years, and charge $10 for it. I simply boiled water with cinammon sticks, and sold it in water bottles to drug users.

I made a few bucks at it.

The plain truth is that a drug user will really believe everything they hear, and lots of people get rich by their naivety.
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Honestly, you got to stop the drug or it will be in your system anyway. Niacin helps with marijuana and cranberry juice. Certain test check for those those like niacin and the cranberry. Must be careful. You might want to check with your doctor first before taking niacin because of the effects. For those who use cocaine, it's not in your system that long, but I wouldn't do it on the day of the test.
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The only way to pass a drug test for sure is to stop using for 4-5 days before the test.. You have to give the drug enough time to get out of your system before the drug test. Only way to do that is to stop using for a while.

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