How Much Bleach Do I Drink To Pass A Meth Drug Test The Very Next Day?


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Krystal is right.. Chance are it will show up diluted AND positive for whatever you used.. Tests these days are very sensitive.
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I have been getting urine tests for near 20 years ,most come back clean cause i dont use anything but i do know of people using berocca,depends how much and what drug you have been using.NEVER DRINK POISONS LIKE BLEACH.
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Lol, I wouldn't suggest drinking very much bleach, you won't make it to take the drug test. Chances are its not going to help . Drink a bunch of water right before the test, it will come up diluted. Your pee needs to be CLEAR! Once it's coming out clear, than you have diluted it. D rink , drink , and drink....
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Never drink bleach. It won't clean your system and you could kill yourself. If you're dirty, you're dirty and there is nothing you can do but face the consequences and learn from your mistakes. A diluted urine can be just as bad as a dirty and testing these days are so sensitive your results could come up diluted AND positive for whatever you used.
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The bleach thing is a huge myth, don't believe it. The only fool proof way to pass a test is not to do the drug. Niacin has been shown to help a little but I'm unsure of the dosage. might have info on that. Erowid is the most reliable source out there for info about legal and illegal recreational drugs. Do not trust these internet rumors or anything from the anarchists cookbook, that cookbook will get you killed.

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