Can Vinegar Flush Heroin Out Of My System?


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Your all assholes someones trying to get answers not be ridiculed I'm sure they are well aware of the fact that they should not be doing it and your sarcastic remarks are not going to be what turns them around if you have knowledge to pass on then do it other wise find something better to do
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I drink a lot of beer and have passed ua's in as little as 2 days {48hrs} but it also lowers your creatinine levels  and sometimes they think it might be possable flushing (ie} drinking a whole bunch of water /strong tea / cranberry juice ect . But I just tell them I drink a lot of water at night  good luck but try to get off the junk as soon as you can through treatment
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Yes, but you have to drink the whole bottle.
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Not that I know of.. If you take drugs, you will have to face the consequences!
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No, no, no, you have to add MORE heroin to get rid of the old stuff!

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