How To Flush Klonopin Out Of Your System?


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Klonopin can no longer be detected in your system after around 30 hours of taking your last dose, so there is not really much you can do to hurry the process up as it will have been absorbed into your bloodstream.

  • How long does Klonopin stay in your body?
Your body is considered to be completely clean of Klonopin after five half lives. Klonopin actually has a half life of around six hours, which means that your body should be rid of the drug after 30 hours. There are several things that can alter this time estimate such as how much of the drug was taken, how frequently it is being taken and how it is. The weight and age of the person taking Klonopin will also affect their rate of metabolism. If Klonopin is injected directly into the bloodstream then it is metabolized a lot faster than when a pill is taken orally. People also metabolize at different rates, so the exact time that Klonopin will stay in the body can vary quite greatly from person to person, especially if you are quite old and take it frequently.

  • What is Klonopin?
Klonopin is a drug that can only be prescribed by doctors. It is used to treat certain disorders that cause seizures and panic attacks. It can also be used as a short term relief for people who suffer anxiety attacks.

  • Side effects of Klonopin
Klonopin falls into the class of benzodiazepines medication, which means that it can cause a physical dependency. If a person stops taking Klonopin abruptly then they can often suffer from vomiting, muscle cramps, insomnia and seizures. A person who takes Klonopin should not stop their treatment without receiving assistance from a health care professional. Common side effects that can occur when taking Klonopin including experiencing headaches, depression, dizziness and sedation.

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