Passing A Urine Drug Test....How Far Back Does Marijuana Show Up On A Urine Test?


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There are the main ways to test whether a person has taken marijuana recently. These are by urine, by blood and by hair. Urine tests are the most popular and marijuana can be detected in a urine test for up to three months after it has been smoked or consumed.

This all depends on your body though. For some people this will be a lengthy process and for others it will not come up on a test after a few weeks. It all depends on the ability of your body to flush this drug out of your system.

Blood tests are the second most popular and the drug can be detected up to two months after taking it.

Hair is the least common way to test for marijuana and this will be in your hair for as long as it is on your head. If you are worried about this, you should cut your hair so that all of the hair on your head will have grown since the last time you have had the drug.

Of course, this all depends on your body and what takes two months for one body, may only take another body one month. This is because all of our bodies work in different ways.
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It would show up in your system for at least 28 days unless you did it longer than 2 months daily then it would show up twice as longer I should know I'm a doctor
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If you just smoke recreationally, or once a month it can be out of your system in a week on a urine litmus test, 30 days is if you're a wake & baker, blood tests, & the like, analyze the content in nano-grams, so it will stay in your system a lot longer, you can irradicate it rather than mask it effectivley by going to a gnc, and getting a 2-day liquid cleanse, this will speed up the elimination process...
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It can stay in your system for 14-30 days..with a urine test
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30 days generally but if heavy user (like daily) than allow yourself about 5 weeks!
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It all depends on who it is everbodys different, the average is 25 to 35 days but it can range from 10 days to 50 days
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About a moth at least
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The THC show's up in your urine for up to 30 day's. Drinking juice will even hold it in your bladder longer. Drinking plain hot water help's flushing it out of your bladder .
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It can stay in your system for 30 to 45 days. Most of the time just 30. If yo have a high metabolism It doesn't take long.
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Up to those numbers mentioned.. But I've passed federal probation urine screens in 3 days with no high dollar cleansers. Many factors beyond the average man's scope of comprehension. ..
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The real question should be "how long do THC metabolites stay in the body?"
Because they are fat soluble ... About 30 days for most people. Very lean and athletic folk may be clean up to a week sooner.

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