How Long Does It Take To Breakdown Fentanyl In Your Blood Or Urine?


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Usually about the same as other opiates. 2-3 days. But be wary of this, because it can stay in your system for as much as a week. I assume by "breakdown" you mean be able to pass a drug screen. Also, blood tests are more accurate, so it may be a little longer with those. Also can depend on if you're an avid user. If you have to pass a screen and you don't want to have to be sick as hell for a week, try to find some suboxone or methadone. Or if you actually want to clean yourself up, go to a methadone clinic (if one is near). Methadone saved my life. I've been on it for four years, thru a methadone clinic, and I have a wife and kid now, I couldn't imagine still shooting heroin and oxy's with the life I have now.
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I used [2] 25mg Fentanyl Patches. One on my left ankle and the other about 3 or 4 inches above it. I had no idea what they were used for - now I know.Mainly cancer patients that are in sever pain. My leg and ankle was giving me a fit - from a Baker's Cyst in my left knee.

I put one patch on around 6:15 pm Sunday and the other on a 10:30 pm Sunday night.
I take insulin and other pills for my high sugar and I take medicine for high blood pressure.

I would like to know how long that you think to get Fentanyl out of my blood.


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