One Line Of Coke Friday,can I Pass A Urine Test Monday?


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Tiffany Profile
Tiffany answered
Hmm, that's iffy, normally takes from 3-5 days to exit your system completely. Only 1 line? Hmm. That's pretty good. Most people that use coke, don't stop at 1 line. I'd drink a HELLA lot of water today and tomorrow before the test!!!
nicole raser Profile
nicole raser answered
Thats the same question I'm wondering myself.. I have a test tomorrow an if I fail I'm screwed.. But since friday night after I did the line I drank TONS of water an GREEN TEA with HONEY an GINSENG! Ive been doin that since I havent drank anything else.. So I'm prayin it works.. Plus mine was mostly cut not coke so I'm hopin its ok..
michael feeney Profile
michael feeney answered
Yes you will be in the safe zone.

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