How Long Does Suboxin Stay In Your System ,after You Stop Taking It?


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It stays in the system from 3 days to a week, depending on the frequency of use.
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I have a lot of pain from 2 car accidents, both were not my fault but they put me on suboxin after trying many pain meds. It takes away my pain but does'nt make me feel high or tired like other prescription meds so it works great for me. But  I asked my Dr the same thing and he said because I've been on suboxin for 9 months it will take about 1 year to get totally out of my system.And I have to do it very slowly so I don't have withdrawals from it. Its made out of the same ingredients as vicoden but the way its metabolized in your body you don't feel the high, but your body can become addicted depending on how long you take it. Because of my pain my Dr says I can stay on it forever if I need to because it does'nt hurt my stomach or cause other problems like other medications.  I hope that helps .
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What is the recommended tapering protocol? I am in a similar situation but want to stop taking the meds. My doctor has said the same thing about tapering off but I still feel as though I am ill when I do this.

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