What Percentage Of Marijuana Can You Smoke To Pass A Hair Follicle Test?


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Billy Price answered
Zero percent!
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shameshameshame answered
Bugger all < none.
Depending on what the cut off level is for the specific test..
Ie: Urine test allows 0.15mg/l before a test will conclude positive.. Thats if analized by clinpath lab.  The 0.15mg/l allows for "passive smoking" - Correctional Services still allow for this "cut off" level today
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Andrea Minnier answered
0% everything you have ever done chemically shows up in your hair. You would have to shave your head.
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Theresa Swart answered
Not even shaving your head will help , you will never pass a hair follicle test even if you didn't do drugs and your parents did . You are screwed . Theres no percentage .
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WRONG!!! My parents did plenty and I've always passed whenever I'm clean. IDK about cleansing products, haven't tried any yet, but I know many who have passed with them.

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