Will Second Hand Meth Smoke Make Me Fail A Hair Follicle Test?


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Kyoko Katayama answered
It WILL show up in your hair follicle test, but it won't be a FALSE positive.  After all, you DID breathe in the smoke.
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All drugs can show uo in a hair follicle test except certain types of hallicugens like L.S.D.
    They can tell you did them but not when they just knoe you have .....
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Hair labs use extensive washing procedures that rinse out external contamination that might occur from 2nd hand smoke. These washing procedures are delicate enough to make sure that actual toxins deposited into the hair through the bloodstream are not washed away.

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It's almost impossible to fail a drug test just by being in the same room where illicit drugs were being used. Are you sure it's a hair test ? Most places only do urine testing because hair testing is very expensive. Meth is water soluble so won't stay in your system more than a couple days.

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