If I Smoked One Hit Of Weed Will I Pass A Hair Test?


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Ok this is an answer that the person looking on hear would be interested in viewing...

I pulled one G about two months prior to a trying to get a job that requires a drug screening. Well sure enough I make it through all the interviewing processes and it comes down to me having to pass this drug test. I think ok well it has been awhile since I smoked I should be good to pass a urine test. Well when I got there they decided that my test would be a hair test. Well here is you answer. I got the phone call after waiting and worrying for an entire week. The phone call came in... I passed the test.  With that said please continue reading.

The things that I had working for me which will vary differently for everyone is My hair grows fast and I had it cut about a month and a half after I smoked. Plus it was only One Hit not several days of smoking. What I was told, that when they examine a hair sample they look for frequency and how long ago it was that you smoked. If you only smoked one hit then it will show up as a one time deal which is not enough to flag you as a frequent smoker. That is the idea of the test because your employer doesn't want someone coming in who is smoked up all the time. Obviously the more you smoke the more THC enters the blood stream and the longer it takes the blood to store it away in places such as Fatty Tissue and yes also in hair cells which causes a longer strip of hair that is concentrated with THC.

I hope this helps because an answer like this would have kept me from worrying for an entire week. I now have my job and have been working for several months and I just keep thinking about how nervous I was and how glad I am to have only smoked what I did.

Good Luck

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Cannabis can be detected in human's organism up to 60 days, depends on kind of test. So please if you want to pass the test, avoid weed and even secondary smoking/vaping (I forgot about my Yocan Evolve D Plus for almost two months).

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If you are not a user of marijuana you will be ok after 24 hours. But if you have smoked weed before, it can take up to 30 days before it will clear your system.
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Hair follicle testing is different from urine,blood or swabs. Drugs stay in your hair. Even just 1 hit of weed will show up in your hair after 2 weeks and stay in your hair indefinitely. Hair testing goes back 90 days. If you used in that time, it will show up.

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