Will Energy Drinks Help You Pass A Drug Test?


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Energy drinks will not help you pass a drug test. You should stop using drugs because they have made you stupid, of course you could have been stupid before.
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Well not using drugs made you ignorant and brainwashed to the govt propaganda most people when they wanna get clean want to get clean from pot... Safer the the alcohol you probably drink. The govt keeps pot ilegal so they can profit from people buying hardcore drugs that can be out of your system in 3 days. You are not as smart as you think you are I hope the cops raid your house thinking there are drugs in there then I bet your view will change. Drink a few energy drinks and you should pass
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I smoked a lil pot and took a roxy 30 and a xanax bar and 3 days later I  had a drug screen by way of urine, and I had drank 3 energy drinks called rockstar cola's  and my urine got sent to a lab and everything came back negative
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Yes but don't let the tester catch you pouring it in the pee pot
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No they can test and see what you have been doing .
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No, at least it never did for me on probation.  But that's 5-hour energy.  I can't vouch for the seemingly endless amounts of energy products out there.  Several are bound to have trace amounts.

Wasn't it Red-Bull that had a little cocaine in it?

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