Will Drinking Water Help Pass Drug Test?


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That is why you need a detox drink.  The right balance of water, herbs, creatine.  Go to  Detoxify products provide the 4 factors of clean.  Follow the directions on the package.  Then pee 2-3 times and you are good to go.  No other detox product on the market does the research and produces a legitimate product that works with science backing it than Detoxify!  I have used it for 15 yrs and have never failed!
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No it won't. The drugs will be in your blood stream so drinking water will not help at all
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No. If you drink too much water, it can actually take longer for the drugs to clear your system. It could also give you a diluted urine which is not good either.
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BS! I just took a urine test. I smoked some bud this weekend, ate a couple xanax, took a dolodid and just passed!!!

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