Is It Possible To Beat A Hair Drug Test?


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The only way to beat a hair test, is to shave all the hair on your body. I know of one person that thought if he shaved the hair on his head he would beat it, they took it from his pubic area and said,"They would get hair from somewhere".Best way to beat it is, "NOT TO DO IT!"
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Don't listen to punkin 1313 you don't have to shave your head all that does is make you look like an idiot an suspicious. They will just take leg,arm, or arm pit hair. They sell shampoo that will clean it and there are several detox methods that will work just do your research
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They do sell shampoos that clain to help you pass a drug test
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No, I do not think Brittany Spears would have used it. She doesn't seem to possess much intelligence. Whats with all the capital letters and punctuation? Angry about a failed drug test are we?
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The are shampoos sold by those Flush companies. Not sure if they work or not. I would suggest you stop using dope...... Might want to get a haircut if you've been doing something you think you need to be concerned about.... Good Luck!!!
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I don't know where 69cope69 got his info, bit its BULL. I used drugs 4 over 35 years and if they can get a hair your BUSTED. I have 2 agree with freedom cause  once you get a positive or dirty drug test, it will follow you from now on. If you don't think so? Go on line and ask a cop or some1 you trust. THINK ABOUT IT! Is it worth it? GOOD LUCK!

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