How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your System For?


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From what I know 3-5 days if your trying to get it out of your system for a ua try drinking lots of water and cranberry juice to clean your system but that's only for a urine test.
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Don't listen to T-wright.. For some reason he tells everyone 6 months no matter what they're talking about. Heroin stays in the system 2-3 days if only used once. If you are a daily user, it can stay in the system up to 7 days. I know b/c I used to use & get urines.
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I have been a chronic heroin user since 17, and I am 30 now. I have a drug test for friday and used (iv) about 5 bags of heroin. If I fail this I will not get a prescript for my suboxones. I have been using almost straight for 6 months. I do have and over active bladder but am not basing this on having a clean urine. It was easy too stop shooting crack and smoking pot, but heroin has controlled me. If I fail my husband is afraid of me returning to the streets to work for $. I can not change my date and I am honestly considering using a false urine something I have never done before. If anyone has ever had a similar problem please I ask for your advice- alone & scared
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Heroin is an opiate derivative. Its complete excretion from the body depends upon body weight and duration of use. In obese people, its excretion is late and early in normal weight people. Usually, single dose of heroin is no more detectable in blood after 6 hours and 3-4 days in urine after use. In hair follicles, heroin can stay up to 90 days.
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Varies according to frequency of use, and dosage. Heroin will leave the system of a person with no tolerance to opiates fully in around 4-5 days, with a heavy tolerance however, this can increase to up to around 14 days.

It is detectable in hair for a lot longer, and in urine for up to 7 days.

While it is true that many addicts believe after a certain amount of sustained use it is impossible to ever fully turn your back on heroin, the chemical itself does leave your system relatively quickly, hence why habitual users need frequent doses to avoid withdrawal symptoms setting in.
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3 days with one time or occasional use. If you are a regular(daily) user, it will take 5-7 days to fully be out of your system.
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Usually 3 days, but with daily use for an extended period of time, it can take 5 or 6 days to fully be out of your system.
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In a heavy user of heroin, it takes longer than the average 3 days to fully clear the system. I used to use heavily and stopped for 5 days and my urine was still dirty after 5 days of being clean.. My levels were still pretty high too. I've heard in heavy users heroin normally stays in the system for up to 7 days.
Heroin withdraw can kill you, I've known this to happen, the way it kills you is excessive sweating, which then can causes “Pneumonia” in either one or both lungs.
I know this because when I was in Jail, I seen this happen to 2 new guys that were just locked up and had heavy withdrawal, and they sleep in there sweat.
Also it takes 4-5 days to be clean.
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Blood testing is a little more detailed than a urine test. Heroin can be detected in the blood depending on how long and how much has been used for up to 7-10 days if not longer.
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Herione is normally out of your system in 3 days. With daily use for an extended period of time, it can take up to 6 days to fully be out of your system.
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I really pray that your not using!  If your concerned because of use, then you should really think about your question. Pick up the phone and get some help. Many friends and family love you
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Dope will stay in your body for at least 3 days....doesn't matter if you sniff it, shoot it or smoke it....I advise you not do any!
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If your addicted to it, it stays with you for the rest of your life because you will most likely never truly stop being addicted to it. For drug/hair tests it can be traced/detected for up to and over ninety days as far as I know.
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If you have to worry about getting it out of your system then you shouldn't be doing this stuff. Not only can you be put in jail if you are ordered to do these tests, you are just being stupid by doing drugs like this!

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