How long will oxymorphone stay in your system?


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Oxymorphone stays in the system 3 days if taken once or occasionally and up to 7 days if taken daily.
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How much (for the past 2-3 weeks)?
Oxymorphone ( metabolite of oxycodone ) is detectable in body fluids (saliva,urine,blood) for 3-5 days, longer (7-10 days) if you are heavy /daily user.
Detection by hair drug test- up to 90 days.
Look on-line for people with same height and weight (or BMI), amount of use,etc..
Also you can order on-line home drug test kit which include Oxymorphone.
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It depends on sex, body fat, the strength of your immune system(controlled by the soul) which in effect is controlled by your level of guilt.
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So how long for a 170 pound active male that is guilty as crap give me ur best guess
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Dangerous and habit forming drug but it kills the pain and not remedy his guilt. Get him loving and forgiving HIMSELF, start going out to the theater, dancing even at home but the greatest thing to transform his mind is meditating on a good book, like the Book of Proverbs in the Bible and find reason to live rather than release his pain with the drug .This will help his withdrawal side effects too. With my advise applied and loving you as supporter he should begin to feel better within 2 weeks

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