How Long Does Test Cypionate Stay In Your System?


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thomas madsen Profile
thomas madsen answered
I was taking cyp and sus for 8wks I'm in the military over seas right now and we got word that they are drug testing and wil be looking for steroids not been told were taking steroid tests highly doubtful. If I stop today how can steroids show in my drug test and if so how long till it will be out of my urine.  And system
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andy peploe answered
All types of test stay in your system for up to 16 days but it only active for 8 hours after it is injected I'm 5ft 10" weigh 180lbs normal just going back on test I do 1ml every other day with plenty of carbs and protien for 3 months and my weight goes up to 235lbs of solid muscle growth if you would like any tips please ask always happy to help a fellow gear head 

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