How Long Does Heroin Stay In System For Saliva Test?


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There is no certain answer as to how long heroin will stay in your system because it will vary from person to person. Heroin can actually stay in your system for months but it is only when a hair follicle test is done that it will show up. Hair follicle tests are rarely done in routine drug tests. With a regular drugs test, it is possible to say that heroin will roughly stay in your system for two to three days, but this is just a guide for the average person.

The factors that will influence how long it takes for any drug to leave your system are:
  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • How much heroin you consumed
  • The quality of the heroin. Drugs are usually mixed with other products so what percentage of pure heroin you consumed will have a huge effect.
Heroin will stay in your system for longer than some other drugs because it is an opiate. Opiates are drugs that quickly enter the blood stream and stay in your fat tissue to be slowly released over time. This means that the 'high' felt from the drug lasts longer but also stays in your system for longer too.
Heroin is usually tested via the following methods:
  • Urine
Urine tests are commonly conducted in drugs tests. Heroin will show up in your urine 2-3 hours after it has entered the body and will probably stay there for two to three days.
  • Blood
If it is a blood test, it will usually leave your blood within 12 hours
  • Saliva
Depending on how the drug is consumed, heroin will rarely show up on a saliva test 6-12 hours after it has been consumed.

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