What Is Considered A Dosage For Cocaine?


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Dealers tend to use the metric system for weight between gram to kilo.

Some street weights are:
Teener - 1/16 of a gram
G (jee) - one gram
Eight ball - 3.5 grams (1/8th thus an eight ball)

A dose is generally between 1/48th to 1/32 of a gram. This is dependent on purity and how much cocaine the person is used too. It is either snorted or taken through a syringe. The effects last generally 20 minutes snorting, an hour with syringe.

Please keep in mind that cocaine is highly addictive and can contain everything from baby powder to rat poison.
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Hehe. That's hard to answer.Usually a dosage is a single 'line'. But seeing as we all have personal preferences in line width and length, there is no 'real' dosage measurement.

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