Will Drinking A Lot Of Water Clean Cocaine Out Of My System In 3 Days?


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It is unlikely that drinking water will completely flush cocaine out of your system in 3 days - but it is not impossible to pass a less-sophisticated drugs test this way.

It really depends on the following factors:

  • amount of cocaine you've taken
  • how you administered the drug
  • what type of test you're taking
  • how accurate the test you're taking is
Drinking water to test clean for cocaine The idea behind drinking water to test clean for cocaine works in the following way:

When your body absorbs cocaine, it breaks the substance down into various compounds, and these compounds get passed around to different parts of your body and brain.

As your body processes these compounds, it creates waste products that are stored in fat tissue.

Your fat tissue gets burned up for energy, and this leaves a trace of the cocaine waste-product in your liver, kidneys, blood and urinary tract.

Flushing cocaine out of your system
When you take a drug test, you're not being tested for cocaine itself - but rather for traces of the waste compound your body creates after taking it.

This compound is known as a metabolite (the specific name of the cocaine by-product is benzoylecgonine).

Drinking a lot of water will increase your chances of getting this waste-product out of your system.

Other things you might want to consider are:

  • Cardio-vascular exercise will make your body burn fat quicker, increasing the amount of metabolite-tainted fat your body burns.
  • Flushing your system with water will give your urine an unusually-clear color. You may want to take some vitamin B tablets.
  • The only catch to the whole flushing system is that certain really advanced tests are designed to catch people who have consumed an unusually large amount of water.
  • However these tests are fairly rare.
  • You will also want to be aware of the risks of water intoxication and overhydration - which can be fatal.
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I'm pretty sure it will, man... I don't think it usually stays in your system much longer than that anyway!

But that's snorting it- I don't know about banging it, but you shouldn't be banging coke anyway!
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Well you just drink water, eat some niacin before you go to sleep, and drink like a gallon of water a day.

You should be good, coke goes in and out pretty quickly.

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