Will The ADHD Medicine Vyvance Show Up As Meth On A Hair Follicle Test? Does The Amount Taken Have Any Effect?


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I have taken several drug tests for my jobs and also take vyvanse on a daily basis.  I figured they would be coming to me asking why amphetamine was in my system but I have never been positive.  I am a RN so I know that it should have shown up but I have a feeling that if you take one pill per day it won't show up but if you take it in a large quantity then it will show up but that's just a theory.  I know others who take it daily and also have always had negative tests while on it.  Hope this helps
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Well I am prescribed Vyvanse 30Mg a day, for my ADHD which I have been on for a month now prior to that I was on Adderall. I just had a Hair Follicle test done yesterday and it all came back GOOD! Negative for everything...However, I was really thinking the Vyvanse would show up as Amphetamine..I didn't care cus I have script for it...But still shocking I guess. Hopes this helps you with your question!
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The vyvance is actually vyvanse. It is usually misspelled. This drug contains
Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate which is an centrally acting stimulant and is used to treat ADHD in the children of 6-12 years and also in adults. As it is centrally acting stimulant like meth, it can be detected in the drug test. Usually all centrally acting stimulants can be tested positive for 90 days in hair follicle test. So you may also be positive as you have taken it one month before.
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How long does Vyvanse SHOW in a urine sample? I have a work drug-test and although legally prescribed this for ADHD, I don't as a new employee to send up any red flags so although I will list it, I want my "meth" tests run to come back as NEGATIVE with nothing being reported to my employer as to cause lots of explanation and less than a warm reception...I have not taken it for about 3 days and plan NOT to take it and just be tired and a bit less focused until I am given the drug test, in maybe about a week, or 10-days total. I know a hair follicle will show 3 months' history BUT I think a URINE test is given, as they described temp, adulterating the sample, diluting it, etc as violations of the test.

In short, how long does Vyvanse stay in one's urine?

Thanks kindly,
a concerned to-be employee
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It's not like it "shows up as" anything that it's not. It is in fact an amphetemine, and that's recorded as such on any drug screen. You should be aware of what you're putting in your body.

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