Does The Drug Adderall XR For ADHD Show As An Amphetamine On A Drug Urine Test?


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Yes, because it has 2 ingredients: amphetamine and Dexedrine
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Yes. Any form of Adderall (including the generic form, salts of amphetamine) produces amphetamine metabolites which will be detected by a urine drug screen. If the patient has a prescription, this is unlikely to be a problem, unless they are in the military or a pilot.
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Alison McMullen
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Thanks for your answers because i have heard horror stories of people assuminng they were just using amphetamines. Yes, ihave a legal prescription and will show it. I just don't know how they tell the difference between a prescription and person who actually uses.
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Adderall has cured me of chronic alcoholism and borderline personality disorder for the past 5 yrs.  But my daughter age 20, has had a crystal meth by needle addiction and says that I am just addicted to another drug and she can't hang around me because she can see me tweaking out all the time.  My sister disagrees.
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I just started taking adderal and i love it.i suspected i had borderline personality disorder ,cause i felt i had no true voice of my own or deep rooted feelings. Since adderal ,i can think clearly, and it seems my true intelligence has turned on. My voice of my opinion has turned on. I a m now aware of the world around me.
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That's so weird that you say that- about Adderall curing you of alcoholism-- I am an alcoholic and drink everyday. But on the days I take ADHD meds, I find that I have no desire to drink. And Im in a great mood, get things done. No depression, complaints. Back to how I was before I became an alcoholic. If only I had a doctor that would buy into that......( I have no insurance, hence no prescription) Thank you for your post. I thought if I told anyone that, they'd think I was crazy
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Adderall is a terrible drug. It is addicting and it changes who you really are. I think the drug should be banned.

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