Will Crystal Meth & Adderall Show Up As The Same On A Drug Test?


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No they have separate properties-but in some less specific tests,they will both show up as amphetamines-I hate when people say don't do drugs & you won't have to worry about it.That is  true,but not helpful to an addict at all,while in active addiction. I can attest,however-that living clean,after 30 years of severe addiction-has turned out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I've been clean for years now & it is so much easier!! I lost everything along the way& have been blessed by being able to LIVE  my amends to family&friends,who had all written me off as dead&gone-(as they should have)-It's really possible to get clean no matter what your experiences. After putting the drugs down,the real work begins for an addict,as using is merely a symptom of underlying core issues.Get help to detox( I had to do it cold turkey in jail-sucked!!!!)& then get yourself in a LONG TERM-at least 6months,preferably 12-18 mos-program where you can learn the lifeskills & gain the tools you need to learn how to live all over again. Not all of us had good home life situations where we should have learned these things from our parents.AND IT'S NEVER TOO LATE-I WAS 49 WHEN I GOT CLEAN!! Good luck & God Bless

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