I Saw Here Someone Answered To Use Acetone To Wash Hair To Pass A Follicle Test. Where Can You Get It By Itself, Or Can You Use Nail Polish Remover W/acetone In It?


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The acetone is colorless liquid and used as solvent to remove nail polish and paints thinner. The drugs after entering system are excreted through urine. Some part of it goes to hair follicles. The stay of all drugs in hair follicle is long because it take time to excrete through sebum and sweat. The acetone or any other chemicals are not having scientific evidences to clean the drugs from hair follicles. These are only assumptions. You have to wait for 90 days to be clean.
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I have seen several questions asking about how to mask drug use for drug tests and I think it is horrible that anyone would even attempt to give you assistance. How do we know what kind of job you are applying for?  Are you working with people's lives as in medicine, are you driving our children around in buses? Are you preparing food? I hope you do not get the job. Mainly because masking your drug test makes you a liar. Do you think employers are so dumb that they don't know every trick out of the books that people use to lie and obtain a job? If you came straight with the employer and he decided to give you a chance, what makes you think you won't have a bad day again and decide to take a cowardly way to cope with the problem? I wish you well in the coping of day to day problems but not in obtaining the job.
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That is just stupid.its none of your business 1st of all and most of the people in this world use marijuana and most of the people that u probably have the up most respect for are using it and you don't even know it.
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If you think that weed is bad you are an idiot because there are lots of drugs that are harmful and make a person a bad person but not WEED! Marijuana is the only drug I approve of and I would be more than glad to let kberger work with me or for me or watch my kids if its only marijuana she or he is using. And good luck on the Job kberger. Don't listen to idiots like that Gsharon.
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Calling someone who is having a hard time a slob does much for your character. When on drugs accidents can happen causing people to live with disabilities, then they would be added to welfare. All on welfare are not slobs. Lets hope you never have to experience it. Love makes your day better.

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