If You Stop Using And Then Shave Your Chest Hair And Then Let It Grow Back, Will You Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?


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Fatimah Harper answered
As long as the drugs are in your system they're in your hair. I believe the only thing that hides that is some special kind of shampoo... Or if you waxed and got the whole follicle out... I mean what you did by shaving your chest hair was probably to get rid of the top layer... But there could of been traces of the drugs in the follicles still... Because technically... That's the root of same hair you cut... Which means you cut your hair for nothing... Good luck though!
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When you shave are you actually cutting the root of the hair which is under the skin and fed by the blood, you said the thing that will help you pass the test"stop using" and you will know for sure you will pass OK hope you find the info helpful good luck

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