Does alcohol show up in a drug test how long does it stay in your system and does it really matter if your 21 are older. Its a drug test for walmart?


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Yes alcohol traces will show up usually fore a couple weeks for a UA test which is really not good if under 18, but whether its enough to fail is to be seen here
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Well i am over 21 but i havent drinked any alcohol but my bf wanted me too but i didnt
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If yer 21 are older? "You are" is abbreviated as you're. Your implies ownership. So you own a 21 and the 21 are older? To answer your question, it is none of their business if you drink or not and should not be a factor for hiring you, but if you don't know how to spell they may make you a greeter.
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It takes an hour for alcohol to leave the system. So if you have one drink, it'll take an hour for the alcohol to leave your body. If you had a drink that consisted of more than one shot... Than one shot equals an hour. If you take a pee test within the same hour you had a drink, it'll show up on the test.. But when you take a pee test, usually the business is looking for meth... You know... Actual hardcore drugs.

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