Do Oxycontin's Show Up The Same As Perks On A Drug Test?


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Nice preachy answers from assholes are always welcome.

Why do you assume someone who takes opiates needs to go to rehab immediately like they are addicted, govt misinformation on drugs is working. If you drink you should also go to rehab.
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Better question: Why are you on oxycontins? Get yourself into a rehab program and stick with it. I know it's hard, but it can be dealt with. Worst case scenario, there are temples in thailand that specialize in heroine addiction treatment but which are also good for treating any opiate addiction. They help clean your system out and so on, I know somebody that went through this who has since been clean for many years. If you're at the end of your rope, give this a try.
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Yes, both will come up as Opiates.
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Yes they do. Their in the same class, oxycodone
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They both come from the same source, so they may be read as the same. There are different degrees of testing that they can do. It depends on how much money they want to spend on testing.

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