How Long Does It Take To Get Lortab Out Of A Unborn Baby's System?


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I took Vicodin (another brand name for Lortab--same thing) while I was pregnant with my last 2 children as I suffer from severe migraines. I took it throughout both pregnancies on average once or twice a week. Both kids are totally healthy (my son weighed 10 lbs 6 oz and my daughter was almost 9 lbs) and very smart. My son is top of his class and my daughter has a huge vocabulary for her age. They both walked early and their growth has been normal. They met all of their developmental milestones at or before when they should. My doctor said that the stress of being in pain created stress for the baby and felt it was better to continue my pain meds.
So don't listen to people who don't know what they are talking about--listen to your doctor. Believe me, plenty of people will give you advice while you are pregnant. Just smile and thank them. And continue to do as you and your doctor have decided is best for YOU and your baby. Your baby will be fine.
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Lortab doesn't Stay In A Unborn Baby System.

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