How Long Does It Take For Marijuana To Leave An Unborn Baby's System After The Mother Quits Smoking Pot?


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It is usually 30 to 45 days
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It's hard to tell because its hard to predict how much got into the baby's system in the first place.

For adults, one time use takes about a week to clear and chronic use can be months, and it depends on the type of test. Technically they can detect almost any drug for a very long time but typical drug tests have cutoffs and you only test "positive" if you have a certain amount of the drug in your system.

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My daughter is 4 1/2 months pregnant, how long does the crystal meth stay in her unborn baby and what effects will it have on the baby?
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I have 63 more days left of my pregnancy and I have smoked 3 times this month but thats it out of my whole pregnancy, how long will it stay in mine and my unborn babys system? Will he test positive?
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Same amount of time it stays in anyone's system. 3-10 days one time use. 30-45 days regular use. Up to 90 days in chronic users.
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Marijuana stays in the baby's system for quite a while. What I would like to ask you is why you are using something that could potentially harm your baby to begin with? Your baby might seem fine, but you may notice things down the road. Increased risk for SIDS, vomiting, irritability, learning and developmental dalays...Anything you take in can affect the developing body and brain of the fetus.
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Check the studies before you get all high and mighty about the delays and fetal development. Some women like me have no choice with the nausea/morning sickness. I could die if i take nausea meds because of the ingredients and im one of the unlucky 1-2 percent that is nauseated all the time and frequently can't keep down anything. In moderation (not heavy use), just like any nausea drug out on the market today, i feel its ok.
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I came here looking for the answer to this question and all I got was "Anything you take in can affect the developing body and brain of the fetus." So, during my pregnancy, I'll make sure that I don't take ANYTHING, water, air....cuz it could all be toxic.

Actually, there has been a 20+ year study in Jamaica that has proven over and over again that not only do children of smoking moms turn up completely normal, but they've been found to have better organizational skills and can even

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