How Does Endocet Show On A Drug Screen?


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marty stewart answered
I have a script for endocett they are generic percocetts. I took a 15mg oxycodone , and I had to take a drug test for my job well it came up on the drug test that I had opiate or oxycodone in my system but I have this script for endocett , they are sending it off to a lab to make sure the medicine is alright will I pass the drug test with my script even tho I took a 15 mg one ..they are the same thing correct (oxycodone)?
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Kevin Haynes answered
If I have a script for Endocet, but have actually been taking oxycontin.. Will it show up as the same thing??
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Yeah but there specific test because I did a ten panel test and passed and I didn't make any sense to me but And I have legit prescriptions I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

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