I Smoke Marijuana 2-3 Times A Week And The Last Time I Smoked Was A Day And A Half Ago Will I Pass A Urine Test That I Have To Take Oday?


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No, unless the lab screws up.THC the active ingredient in Marijuana is stored in fat cells making it hard to flush them out. It can take a month or more to get it out of your system. Sorry
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Sorry, if they actually test you, you will not pass. I have an acquaintance that recently tested after 2 weeks of no smoking, she also tried one of those system cleaners, took capsules and drank bottle of liquid she bought at a head shop. Didn't work, she was let go of the new job she was hired only 2 weeks prior and benefits were pending her test results. You probably shouldn't even take the test if you don't legally have to, if it's a potential employer you will be causing them the expense of testing you when you know you can't pass it. This would probably be embarrassing not to mention making you non-employable.
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I know this is old but it is high on google with slightly wrong info. It really depends on you, your body type, and your lifestyle. If you are a bigger person who gets little physical activity the you most definitely fail. Me personally I smoke 4 to 5 times a day and have passed a urine test after only 2 days. Btw I am a bigger guy. I have heard everything from 1 month to a year. All you can do is drink lots of water(the gym and 2 gallons is my method). Look up a detox diet. Go with that if you have at least a week.
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No, but if you run 3 or 4 miles a day and drink at least a gallon of water you'll pass it in 3 to 7 days. I know what I'm talking about.
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If you people don't know what your talking about- don't post saying It could be 30 days to 10 years is pointless your not helping and you look like an arrogant ass

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