What Can I Do To Clean My Body Of Drugs To Pass A Drug Test (home Remedies Only)?


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I suppose - urine test for weed?
... This hepl: More exercising (release stored THC),but stop 3-4 days before the test so you aren't still breaking down fat .Eat a high fibber diet (THC metabolites cling to the fibber and go out), daily multi vitamin or vitamin b-12 helps add creatin to the body if you must dilute and colour. Stay very good hydrated (Don't kill yourself).
Also test yourself (use a "single panel thc test kit" , run from $4-9 at any wallgreen's / CVS ). Use the first pee of the day. That is when your urine will have the highest concentration of THC metabolites. If you fail pee 2-3 times and check again.
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Hello there.  Vitamin B-12 Extended release formulation.  Lots of Cranberry Juice and water.  5HTP and L-Tyrosine.  Both of these are OTC.  Hope this helps :)  Good Luck
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There are a few things you can TRY, I capitalized try because there are no guarantees, there are just too many factors involved. I have found several Teas that cleanse the body pretty well, also certain vitamin combinations in conjuction with the tea has some success. Also time is a key ingredient the longer time period of non use the better obviously! One other thing you can do is vigorous exercise combined with a Sauna or Hot box you want to sweat like you never sweat before. That's all I got hope it helped in any way.
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I have been a nurse for 15 years there is no product that can clean your urine or blood for a drug test. Sorry the only thing that works is time.
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Ok here goes I am not on here to judge anyone that would kind of spoil the vibe of the site a little. However for all I know you could be the driver of the train or bus I next ride on. So for this reason the best remedy has to be not to take them in the first place DOH!
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DOH whatever that means. People have a right to do what they want on their off time. I bet, if they got stinking drunk every night after work that would be fine with you,

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