If I Stay Clean For 4 Months, Will I Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?


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Kristi W answered
It depends on how far back they go on the hair follicle test, most places only go back about 90 days, but I have known of some going back almost a year. There are shampoos you can buy to wash your hair with and pass a test and also a product called blue will clean your hair, blood,saliva, and urine
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Mandi answered
Maybe. The hair follicle test will go back about 90 days. So four months in you may be okay. I would do some research. Just go to and type in "how long does a hair follicle test go back" that's what I just did. Lots of stuff came up. :)
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The answer is NO even if you shave your head the oils in the scalp secrete the thc for months
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Hair follicle testing goes back 90 days. If you haven't used in 4 months, and the test only goes back 3 months, you will be clean.

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