If My Line For Cocaine Was Real Faint On A Drug Test And They Sent It To A Lab Will It Still Be Negative?


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Of course not a crumb or large amount of purity will show up
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Most likely you will fail, but you could also pass depends how long you have been on it and when was your last use
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It was six days prior and didn't do really that much
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How much is not that much, if it was six day's before you took the test you properly will pass, but it really depends on usage cause if you use it all the time it adds up in your system and will cause you to fail but if you don't use it like that and you only used a lil then you will pass but it came up faint because there was a trace of it in the pee to back it so I don't know what to tell you hope they don't test it lab test are expensive and they usually will spot check check two or three in a group if one fails they will test all container in the box if they pass they will pass the box on you get it? So just pray they don't don't test yours

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