How Long Is A Urine Sample Good For, Before It's Sent To The Lab?


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Well, this will depend in what environment the sample has been kept in.

The sample should be good if it's kept at room temperature for about two days. If it's been refrigerated, it should keep for over a week.

However, laboratories will test the temperature of the sample to see if it is at body temperature.

If there is a slight suspicion about the temperature of the sample, then you will automatically fail the test.
How long is a urine sample good for when using it for labs? The majority of urine tests require the subject to deposit a sample whilst they are at the testing centre.

This form of urine test requires a twenty-four hour turnaround, which means the sample has to be tested, the results obtained, and then sent back to administrator within a day.

  • Modern urine tests are more reliable and cost-effective than before. They are also simple to carry out, which is why they are the most commonly-used form of drug screening.
  • Sometimes, a subject will have to give a urine sample in the presence of a test technician, to prove they have not taken a different "clean" sample in.
  • Other tests are available, which include testing the blood, nails, saliva or hair of an individual.
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Depends on what they are testing for. If it is an urinalysis, it is a shorter period. If it is for drug testing, it can be good for months if frozen.

It is about 7-10 days if kept in the fridge and frozen for about a year for drug testing.

For an urinalysis and culture it is much shorter and each facility doing the test has their own standards.

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